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KidsFest San Diego PR

KidsFest San Diego PR


UT San Diego
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KidsFest gets playful at Liberty Station by Tawny Maya McCray

“More than 100,000 square feet of space was blocked off for the event, where kids made mud pies, dressed up as superheroes and princesses, danced on a stage, played in a ball pit with 750 balls, learned how to make ladybug farms, played on a slide, trapeze swings and trampolines, and decorated piñatas.

Keiana Smith, 9, decorated her piñata with a colorful array of streamers.

‘I used boy and girl colors because I didn’t want it to be all girly, it wouldn’t be fair to my brother or my dad,’ she said. ‘We’re going to crack it open when we get home. I hope there’s candy for my brother in there.’”

Red Tricycle
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Imagination Gone Wild: An Awesome Kids Festival

“With summer vacation and warm days on the horizon, many parents are starting to panic and ask, “What am I going to do with the kids all summer?” Start off June by heading to KidFest San Diego 2012 where they will create and imagine to their hearts content and moms can enjoy a weekend where she doesn’t have to plan all the activities.” 

San Diego Family Magazine
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“The popular hands-on creative festival boasts 100,000 square feet of interactive stations where children can move, create and escape in pure play!

San Diego Family Fun
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Geo Parent
Party Time! by Molly Anne Smith

“This is one of the best festivals around for the whole family because it was created just for kids! At the KidsFest San Diego families with kids of all ages can explore, create and play together. Children can play in the Messy Zone ‘for kids who like to get dirty,’ the crafts creation station, the green thumb zone, the build it construction zone, the dance party, the costume dress up bar and many other areas that will excite their imaginations and entertain them. You can even bring in your own picnic lunch, or there are concessions available for lunch at the festival. Don’t miss the local performers that will entertain crowds of all ages.” 

Discover SD
Kidsfest Interactive Children’s Festival by Michelle Dederko

“The festival aims to unleash joy and inspiration, while educating kids on the values of recycling, repurposing and reinventing. Families can leave reality behind for a few hours as all are encouraged to unplug and play.”

North County Times
First Kidsfest San Diego Built with Imagination by Dan Bennett

“Robin Laatz is the mother of a young daughter, and a founder of the San Diego Film Festival, so she knows both kids and events.

‘After I had a daughter of my own almost five years ago, I realized I was taking her to the same events over and over,’ she said. ‘And they all had three common components —- clowns, face painters and jumpers. Don’t get me wrong, those are all great, but I was forever looking for events that truly engaged her, and inspired her imagination. Recognizing a need in San Diego, I decided to turn my vision into action.’

The overall theme of KidsFest is a celebration of the imagination.”